Roxy training diary months 76 & 77

September & October 2009


Roxy Slumbers by the Fire

Oct 11. While I watched the Broncos squeak by the Patriots in the ugliest uniforms ever made, Roxy slept by the fireside. It wasn't that cold, but she enjoys a good couch and fire.

We made two videos of the dogs "playing" with the new Marshmallow Gun:

Marshmallow Mania Outdoors (

Marshmallow Mania Indoors

I decided to try and run 51 miles before my 51st birthday. That gives me 10 more days to cover 45 miles. The half-marathon Sunday in Moab will be a big chunk of that.


Oct 3. Roxy and I ran in the first-ever Dog Run Dog race in Salt Lake City.

She has run several 5K races with me, and we've run up to 6 miles in training, but we've never run a 10K (6.2 mile) race before. So her time of 1:02 was a PR for her.

It was also a course record, since we were first place. Of course, we were the only team that ran a 10K, but still.

Roxy won a yellow dog bowl and got to wear her first race bib. Next time I will bring a sash so she can wear it proudly. Just this once, I pinned it to her collar.

After running, we went up to Kelley Creek for a herding lesson. Roxy actually performed quite well, even though it had been several months since we practiced. Sky was just a little crazy and herky-jerky, so he didn't get as much time in the arena.

Finally, Rosemary and I met at the Weber State–Montana State football game which Weber State lost in the last seconds with a failed 4th and goal.

First Prize: A Yellow Bowl

Pre-Race Jitters

Competitors Exchange Smells

Post-Race Goodies


Sky Gets a Q

Sky Gets a Hug

Sky Gets Labeled

Sep 12. No running since the Disneyland Half. I'm fighting a runner's knee, and it seems that rest would be the best thing for it. The running calendar is clear for now.

We're in Boise, at a USDAA agility trial. Roxy is still being flaky; she's fine on contacts but refusing jumps. Maybe it's her eyesight or her elbows. We'll get her checked out when we get back home. Since we've been having trouble with her for a while, we've got her on a light schedule, just Snooker and Gamblers.

Meanwhile, Sky did well at his second-ever agility trial. He got his first Q, in Snooker. Rosemary has been working with him a lot, and it certainly showed. I ran him in Jumpers and in Standard. He fell in love with his Pairs partner, Molly. In Standard, the last run of five for the day, he was running behind Molly, and instead of taking the first jump, he ran over to see what Molly was doing. That wasn't what I wanted, but it's just part of having a green blue dog. He had to wear the devil horns when we got back to the room.

Sep 7. Sitting in a café in Los Feliz, feeling lucky.

Jim and Lilo, No Stitch

I'm still happy after running the Disneyland Half Marathon, which involves running through the Magic Kingdom — twice — covering much of Anaheim, with paid cheerleading squads leading cheers (that's why they're called "cheerleaders"), by the arena used by the Mighty Ducks and through Angels Stadium, where 4000 paid Boy and Girl Scouts and 4Hers will also root for you as your image is flashed up on the Jumbotron.

My time (1:58) was not the best for the half, but a combination of less-than-ideal conditions and a lot of non-serious runners meant that I finished in the top quarter of my age group, 75/336 among men 50-54. Plus, since it wasn't a PR kinda day, I stopped about a mile from the finish to have my picture taken with Lilo.

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