Roxy training diary month 69

February 2009


Feb 28. I closed out the month with another race down at the Saltair, this one the third and final in the Salt Lake City track club's Winter Running Series. It was a 15K. I was happy with my time of 1:23, which was good enough for 8/14 in the Clydesdale (fat guy) class. It's a very competitive group there, and to be in the middle of the pack is an accomplishment for me.

The club also put up pictures of the 10K run from two weeks ago, when we ran in a snowstorm. It looks worse than it felt at the time, but the photo sure is impressive.


Feb 24. Sky went for his first run today. He had already put in a good bit of time on the underwater treadmill at the rehab clinic, so we didn't go far — just a mile for him and eight more for me, for a total of nine more on my running calendar. Seeing as how I was a slug last week, it's time to get back to it. We are having a run of wonderful spring weather (temps in the 50s) and it's good to be outside right now.

I ran another 10K on Saturday. This one was cold, but clear. It is a hilly course, near the house but a tough run. I finished 13/22 in my age group, which was better than I expected.

I signed up for the San Francisco Marathon July 26. I am only planning two marathons this year: Ogden and SF. I don't think I can break 4 hours in either, so I'm just going to go out and have fun with both of them.


Feb 19. Most of you know I have an unhealthy obsession with two faux celebrities: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

When they both appear, back-to-back as it were, in the Fashion Week edition of Go Fug Yourself, I have to mention it.

One might wonder, how come when Lindsay starves herself, her breasts (which normally are made of fat tissue) manage to stay the same size?

Or why anyone would be stupid enough to pay Paris Hilton to ignore a fashion show in the front row? (Looks like the front row of my 8:30 am class, actually.)


Feb 16. I ran in a 10K down in Salt Lake Saturday, which normally is no big deal, but there was a blizzard at the time.

When we watched the weather the night before, Rosemary said to me, "You're not going to run tomorrow, are you?" As if it would be crazy for a person to run in a snowstorm. Taking up the challenge, I said, "of course I am" and so I did.

I didn't do too badly. I ran in the Fat Guy (Clydesdale) class again, finishing 6th out of 15 with a time of 1 hour even (59:41). That's 10 minutes off my PR, but considering the conditions, not bad. It worked as well as I did thanks to a tip from the "Guys on a Diet" running forum on WW, who suggested the use of Screw Shoes. When I got up Saturday morning, I took an old pair of running shoes with a couple of hundred miles on them, and set about making myself a pair. It was simple and effective. Hooray for the Internets (a series of tubes).

That only puts me at 21 miles for the week, but the weather hasn't been real cooperative.

Basketball Practice

When I was downloading my screw shoe pictures, I found some pictures of Roxy that I had taken about a month ago. She and I set up a basketball goal in the basement and, in honor of our new President, played some hoops. Roxy plays a pretty mean defense and she's a great rebounder but her shot leaves something to be desired. Air Bud she's not.


Feb 8. A local dog training facility that just opened up had a "fun match" today, so we went to get some ring time in with the dogs.

Sky Rallies

I have been planning to take Sky in for some Rally-O! action (and I do mean action!) while Roxy can use a brush-up on both her obedience and Rally-O! skills. She has two legs in Rally Advanced (out of three she needs for her title) and she has been through the Novice training, but never performed well enough in the ring to even consider entering her for real. Now that Annie has passed on, the time has come for Roxy to come into her own. It's part of her responsibility as Head Dog.

In the event, Roxy did great, considering how little time we've spent practicing. Her stand for exam was a bit shaky, and she busted on her sits, but those are things we can work on. Her off-lead heeling was wonderful. As you can see here, her recall was speedy.

Sky and I have not worked together, and he was distracted by all that was going on, so I convinced Rosemary to take him in for Rally-O! fun. It went better than she expected. Roxy's Rally-O! run needed a lot of work, but I need to practice with her.

Speedy Recall

Roxy Goes to School


Feb 7. Ran a 5K race today, didn't do too badly, finishing 13/22 in my age group. I wasn't pushing too hard, because it was a hilly course and I was pretty sore from the rest of this week's running.

That makes 24 miles for the week, so I'm officially back to training.

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