Roxy training diary month 54
November 2007

Nov 27.  I did it.
Nov 25.  You knew there were puppy pictures coming. 

There are two males and one female.  Since sire and dam are both blue, all puppies will be blue – eventually. 

One of the males has a right eye patch, the other has a left eye circle.  We don't yet know which one is Future Puppy.

Heck, we're still "arguing" about a name for him.  For now, since they are the sons of Eve, I suppose we'll call them Cain and Abel.

Two Boys



Nov 24.  Roxy and Annie have a new baby brother.

Rosemary had contacted Dylan's breeder and there was a litter planned for Scout X Eve.

Eve went into labor this morning and as of the last report, there is one girl and one boy so far.  We are waiting on a boy. 

So we'll celebrate.  We're explaining to Roxy that she has a little brother but she seems unimpressed. 

I ran in a 5K in Syracuse last weekend and came close to my PR, almost matching it.  Also, I ran in the annual Cold Turkey race in Salt Lake on Thanksgiving morning.  I bettered my 2006 time by about 2 minutes, coming in at 33:21 on a 6K course, which put me at 9th out of 22 men in my age group.

The NaNovel is coming along fine.  I'm getting closer to the end.  I passed 40K last night, and I hope to reach 50K this weekend.  It looks like it's going to end up at about 60-70K when it's done, but I want to give it a rest and maybe pick up editing and revision over Christmas. 


Nov 15.  NaNovel is back on track.  I passed the 25K word mark yesterday, so all is well.

Raven-Symone (or, as the web page would have it, Raven-Symoné) shows us how to fix a poking-out underwire on a bra.  (Scroll down the video list at the right center of the page.)


Nov 10.  Falling behind on my NaNovel, so of course I have to update the RoxyLog.

Rosemary is off visiting our friends DeeDee and Royce in Kansas, so the girls and I are here alone in the house.  Roxy needs play bad and she needs it right now.  So we toss the soft frisbee and every once in a while Annie has to show her how to do it right.

Screwy Faces

"You're Not Doing It Right"


Waiting for Go-Dog

Nov 4.  Yesterday, after a nice training run on Antelope Island, we went up to Nampa, Idaho for a Sunday AHBA herding run.

Roxy had failed miserably at her first attempt to get a "Junior Herding Dog" leg, back on September 16

This time, she did quite well and we passed.  It's just a pass/fail, so I don't know exactly how well we passed, but I was pretty impressed with her. 

Better yet, all the other handlers there watching gave her some nice compliments.

Still better, they gave some nice compliments to Shauna, my herding instructor. 

On the way home, we stopped off at Northwest Pets in Eagle to see our friend Kate and also score some treats for our victorious dogs.  Annie got treats for being Roxy's herding coach all these months ("You're not doing it right!")

On Saturday, I received a short, standard rejection letter from the agent I had queried about my novel project.  I was disappointed, more because the form letter has very little information about what, if anything, is wrong with the query, so it's hard to know how to make it better.

After I finish this year's National Novel Writing Month, I'll have to send out another agent query.  I have some ideas about where to go next, but I can't spend too much emotional energy on it when I'm trying to write 1666.6667 words per day.

Because of the herding weekend, I didn't get any writing done Saturday or Sunday.  I was a good bit ahead, but now I'm just on track.  I need to get back to writing.

Also, there are revisions that need doing on the Do-It-Yourself book.

Jim Makes Finger Guns; Annie Watches

Roxy 1/2 JHD





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