Roxy training diary month 23
April 2005

After the Ball!

She Always Gets the Ball

I Swim Alone


Apr 26.  I started running today.  Now that I've lost the weight, and I've been walking (20 miles a week, not a day, Emily), I have set a goal to run a 5K on July 4.  In Jackson, Mississippi.  Should be fun.

So, today I decided I would start mixing in some running with my walk.  I walked 2 miles, then ran 1 K (about 0.6 mi), then walked for 1.4 miles.  I did the 1K in 5 minutes, but I felt terrible afterward.  So, I have a long way to go.  My goal is to run the 5K in under 30 minutes.

Late entry for Pseudonyms of the Poseurs: "Axl Rose" is William Bruce Bailey.  There's a treasure trove of these here.

Apr 22-23.  Friday and Saturday, we spent at the Gonzales (Baton Rouge) Louisiana AKC trial.  Roxy didn't distinguish herself, but we had some good parts of runs.  I wish I could take my own advice and just adopt a "no mistakes" policy with her; when I did, things went much better.

Dylan, however, did a fantastic job by earning his first Excellent Jumpers leg.  It was almost two seconds over time, but otherwise perfect.  The dogs went for a celebratory swim afterwards.


Apr 20.  Another agility practice tonight.  Work has kept me busy and away from the RoxyLog.  However, I've been walking Roxy about 15 miles a week.  This is all part of my exercise plan, which is itself part of Weight Watchers.  I've lost 20 lbs so far.  That puts me about halfway to my goal.  I had to take some pants by the tailors today to be taken in.  That's what the WW people call a "non-scale victory" (NSV). 

Roxy's weaves are pretty good.  She lost attention between poles 10 and 11, but not in a totally spaced out way and it wasn't too bad.  She still needs work on the A frame tuck-in.  She has obedience stays!  I was able to get about 8 feet from her for 30 seconds to a minute.  We might be ready for Novice B obedience at the National Specialty, if I get the chance to go.

This weekend is an AKC trial in Gonzales.  Looks like that facility is going to be shutting down, so it may be our last trip to Baton Rouge. 

Apr 16.  While I was working, Rosemary was busy playing ball with the dogs and making movies.  One such movie, of Annie playing ball, is at right.  She loves to play ball, and the movie captures her enthusiasm.  Dylan can take or leave the fetch part, but the ownership is interesting to him.  He would like Annie to get far away from his balls.

Also this weekend, we captured a photo of our two doggie buddies, Roxy and Dylan.  They were rolling around on their backs, playing some sort of game only dogs can understand.

Apr 11.  Was away for the latter part of last week.  I finished off a carton of cottage cheese, and Annie had spoon-licking duty, so Dylan got to clean out the container and made a mess of himself.


Apr 3.  Got the stick-in-the ground weave poles finished.  Put in the last five screws for the backyard A-frame skin so I can practice with Roxy anytime I want.  We let the guys play Boomer Ball and then tennis ball for a while and that got Roxy tired out.  Rosemary mowed the lawn yesterday while I was away building a shed for the Habitat House I'm working on.  I am sore and sunburnt.



Annie Loves to Play Ball


Dylan Cheesehead

Dylan Relaxes in Weird Ways



We're Buddies.

Get Away From Me

Roxy is Tuckered

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