Roxy training diary month 75

August 2009

Aug 14. Herding and agility and dock-diving practice today. Video of Roxy diving is here.

One Ring to Bring Them All


Roxy's Halo

August 12. This morning's Vacation Camp activity was traveling to Taylor Park Reservoir where the blues, the reds, and the black-and-whites could get in some much needed outdoor recreation and family swim time.

We took some video of the diving and swimming and it's posted

here #1

(more to be added later).

Afterwards, we repaired to Chez Nous Provisoire for a rousing game of "Catch the LDS Institute Ring".

The Corgi People had Closing Ceremonies with crepes (!). No one wanted to make crepes, so we had closing ceremonies with JuJuBes in honor of Jubilee ("Juby").


Photos by Steph at Three Rivers Resort

Photo by Steph at Three Rivers Resort

Photo by Jim

Aug 11. Rosemary was brave enough to try out her very first river rafting trip, on class I/II rapids on the Taylor River just above Gunnison, Colorado. She looks like she's having fun.

Aug 5. After the Crookneck Squash Massacree (see Arlo Guthrie), Rosemary was on the lookout for other vegetative thievery.

It didn't take long for her to find this zucchini, with distinctive Sky toothmarks and a perfectly dog-muzzle-sized notch chewed out of it.

While I was taking pictures, Sky decided to check it out. Busted!

Led Zucchini

Curiosity Killed the Zucchini


Aug 2. Each growing season, we like to try one new plant in the garden, just to see how it does. This year, I planted crookneck squash on a rather steep hill just outside our fenced garden plot.

Last week, Rosemary and I had a brief discussion about whether the squash were ripe. She doesn't eat squash, so I took a look and pronounced them "not ready" and that was that.

This morning, she reported that the dogs had decided for us, and were in the process of eating the largest and ripest of the squash. I went out to harvest, and then let the dogs have their prize. I made them take turns, which they didn't like as much as fighting over it. They weren't able to get to the "neck" of the squash as well when it was attached, with all the leaves in the way, so on the plus side, they could each chow down on the squash in their own way. I'll have the other two for lunch, even though one of them has tooth marks on it.

Sky has a very systematic way of attacking the squash, holding it down by the head and eating the body. His way was cutest, so he got to go first.

Roxy is more direct, and just rips off as big a chunk as she thinks she can handle, then struggles with getting it swallowed. It's not as photogenic.


Aug 1. Herding lesson this morning, before it got too hot. Both Roxy and Sky performed admirably. Roxy, in particular, is really beginning to "get" herding. Her first outrun and lift was a little zoomie and not exactly what I wanted, so I took her off and started over. That seemed to get her attention: "it's not what I want, but you're still my partner. Let's do it over."

Sky is still a bit confused about the "rules" of herding but he is coming along as well.

After herding, the dogs were rewarded with a dip in the pond. Roxy is beginning to develop some fantastic dock-diving skills. The camera phone video doesn't do it justice, but here is the best one we have. (I'd embed the video, but the html editor I use is not good at embedding.) It's short.

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