Roxy training diary month 72

May 2009


Sky Hits Back

Roxy is a HIT

May 31. Today's herding trial experience was different from yesterday's.

Sky was in the ring first. Yesterday's experience was good, for his first time in the arena. (It turned out his so-so 78 was good enough for a High in Trial, but it was a very small trial.) Today, he was replaced by El Buttheado. He did more chasing than herding, and he listened to me not one whit. My only mistake was not retiring him, but when he went in after the sheep in the exhaust pen, he took care of that part, too.

Roxy, on the other hand, did quite well. She pushed too hard and would not slow down her pace, but she got the sheep through the obstacles for a qualifying score. That's her second ASCA Starters leg, so pending verification, she's Hit N Heel No Red Light NA NAJ PT JHD STDs.

Hers was also a high in trial, and she got a nifty travel mug along with her ribbons. We stopped at a nearby store for some beef jerky to celebrate.


May 30. We attended a local herding trial today and I was able to go into the herding arena having a proper attitude, one of, "if it works, fine, if not, fine."

Sky was pretty good and got his first ASCA Started leg with a score of 78. He had a great stop, and while he did chase sheep a bit, he had enough control to get us through the course. He had some trouble with the take pen, but we don't work on that much, so I didn't expect him to do well.

Here are some videos:

Take pen

Run part 1

Run part 2 (chasing the sheep through the obstacle and back to the re-pen)

He's not controlled working the stock, but he has a great "lie down".

Roxy had a lot of trouble with her run, so we called "time" and left.

Sky Prepares to Herd


The Sky is Yawning

Hogan, Hero

Sky thinks herding is more fun than conformation.  Yes, he was caught in mid-yawn!

We met a "famous" dog at the herding trial this weekend. Hogan was abandoned and ended up near some railroad tracks a year and a half ago. She lost part of her left front leg, but none of her spirit.


May 23. More Twitter news. NASA actually has a Twitter account and gets good use out of it; they answered a question this morning about why they are leaving the shuttle in space rather than landing in California. Interesting use of the technology. Also now, Twitterheads are lobbying NASA to play "Star Girl" by McFly. It looks to be going viral.

In a weird example of synchronicity, like me, McFly appear to have an obsession with Lindsey Lohan and wrote this song about her. I have never touched her breasts, however, while McFly's drummer apparently has.


May 21. Jane Wiedlin tweets thusly: If u do NOTHING else this week, PLEASE click this link then scroll down to read the customer reviews!!

That's why I subscribe to her tweets.

May 20. It's Jane Wiedlin's birthday! Send her a Tweet (@JaneWiedlin). How does someone get to be so talented and gorgeous at 51? Plus, she has a role in a new women-in-chains movie: Stuck!, now in post-production.

Getting Loaded


The Granary Group

View from the Granary

May 19. It's been a long time since I updated the RoxyLog, but here's my excuse.

From May 1 to May 12, I was on the Colorado River, taking a motor trip down the river. It was fantastic. A few of the pictures are here; I've created a web page for the rest of them. The company that organized the trip was Colorado River and Trail Expeditions, the boatman was Bill Trevithick, and the swamper was John Likins.

A few of our group are shown above at one of the archaeological sites we visited. We also learned lots of geology and some biology as well, and there was plenty of hiking.

The only downside was that when I got back, I weighed 222 lbs. That was because my legs were all swollen and edematous. Whether it was from sunburn or poison ivy or some other cause, we'll never know. In any case, I wasn't ready to run the Ogden Marathon so I had to skip it and walk the 5K instead. The best part was, I got to walk with Rosemary and I lost 17 lbs in 5 days.

We also had a health scare with Roxy. On Friday night, she woke Rosemary up four times and needed to go out and pee. She had one accident in the house, which is unusual for her. We were going to Dr. Pam's for their 10th anniversary bash on Saturday, so we asked Dr. Pam to get a urine sample. That was a no-go, so after trying to get a cystocentesis, Pam did an X-ray and saw some odd shadows in Roxy's bladder. She was thinking a possible bladder cancer, which is uniformly fatal in dogs.

Tuesday (May 18), Roxy had an ultrasound which confirmed that she did not have cancer, but rather a urinary tract infection. That was a relief to us.

The garden is planted.

The Little Colorado

Bruce Shows The Way West

Canyon and Water

Nautiloid Fossil

Pool Hall

Above Lava Falls

Spring is Here

Holding the Crack Open

Skywalk (see RoxyLog April 8 2007)

Lava Falls

Lava Stands

Pumpkin Springs

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