Front of the house on Pierce: this is the nicer of the two front views.  Notice the beautiful windows and the porch off the den on the far left.  The cedar shake roof is in terrible shape.

Front of the house on Pierce: not-as-nice front view.  The previous owner has a junk trailer in the driveway, and the garage doors have some sort of pirate symbol on them with a shield and crossed swords.


Backyard of the Pierce house.  The distressed house is immediately to the left of this picture.

Now, this owner is thinking pretty clearly.  He wants to take some pictures of the house and make it look lived-in and homey.  However, setting up a Christmas tree and stockings and leaving them up in May is probably not the best sales strategy.

The dining room is a riot.  Faux-smoked-glass mirrors, some weird color combinations, window treatments from hell, and the ugliest color of taupe one could ever hope to find, all obscuring the huge picture window with the gorgeous backyard view. 

Rosemary and the agent and I just went around the house like some team from "Queer Eye", marvelling at the inspired awfulness of it.  This mural is in the family room. 

We all know that a house sells better if it looks like a happy family lives there.  But it's probably carrying things a bit too far to leave a G-string on the floor of the master bedroom.

This is the tiny house next door, that the bank now owns.  If we can cut a deal on the Pierce house, we'll have this little eyesore hauled off and bulldoze the lot for our agility field.

I just fell in love with this place in spite of myself.  There are so many things wrong with it, but the floor plan and the gorgeous patio, the neighborhood, and the chance at a huge agility field behind was just too much to overlook.  We made an offer on the Pierce house Monday.


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