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August 25, 1997 — October 7, 2007

I found this picture while working on revising a lecture this week.  I've been using it as a title slide for the part of the lecture called "Sleep".  Dylan was able to sleep better than just about any dog I've ever met.  Sleep was one of his many passions, and he did it with élan, as this picture shows.

The photo that started it all. He was promised to another, but after 2 days "Basenji Woman" sent him back to his breeder and the rest is history.

Dylan's 7th Birthday

We ordered a special cake for Dylan's 7th birthday.  He had enough of posing with it, and decided to maul it instead.  The story in pictures is in the link above.


Dylan's death came as a shock and surprise to all who knew him.  His was an outsize personality and we are feeling a hole in our lives right now.

I was running agility with him (and we qualified in Open Preferred Jumpers) less than two weeks ago.  He had seemed a little out of sorts and blue for the last few weeks, though.  On Wednesday night, October 3, his abdomen was swollen and his gums were pale.  His vet (and our neighbor), Dr. Paul Nebeker, was kind enough to come over at 11 pm and check on him.  We all agreed he might be bloating, and decided to take him to the Animal Emergency Room.  They did some X-rays, and took some blood from his abdomen, and so Dr. Tara Curry at the Animal ER was pretty sure he had a malignant hemangiosarcoma.

At that point we were quite worried but we thought we would have him for a few more weeks at least.  If the cancer was localized to the spleen or a small area of the liver, we could have it removed and wait for a recurrence, which would be inevitable in any case.

On Thursday, October 4, we took him to the K-9 Rehab Center, where his spinal surgery was done last year, and they did an ultrasound on his abdomen.  The blood vessel cancer had spread over the right side of his abdomen, involving the spleen, intestines, and kidney.

We spent some quality time with him over the next few days, and planned to take him to Dr. Nebeker's clinic to be euthanized on Monday.  However, he was in some pain Sunday morning and so we decided not to let him suffer any longer.  He was Dylan up until the very end.  On the car ride over, he saw a Sinclair Dinosaur and roared at it, defending his Mom to the end.  He flirted with the vet tech and she declared him "handsome".  He gave us both lots of kisses and we gave him hunks of filet mignon.  He passed on with his favorite toy and his agility ribbons nearby.  He will always have a place in our hearts.

From Dylan's friends

Jeff Jaquish ( sent us this photograph that he took on September 23rd at the ACD Specialty.


" I want you to have this image. I like it because it shows you and Dylan showing great teamwork while Jim looks on in the background. I remember when I was watching Dylan he had such a big smile during his runs." 


Dee Dee Rose

My first glimpse of Dylan was at the Baltimore, MD airport in late October/early November, 1997. I had a judging assignment in Baltimore and volunteered to meet with the breeder and bring Dylan to Rosemary.  That way, the little guy could ride in the cabin.  How I hoped he would be quiet, not throw up or need to pee or poop.  I should have known that the breeder would make sure to take care of all those puppy needs, plus raise a special puppy. 

When Dylan poked his little head out of that carrier and said "Hi!  Where's the party?" my heart allowed one more dog in for life.  What a sweetheart Dylan was all the way home with a 1.5 hr stopover in Atlanta.  I took him into the ladies' restroom with a puddle pad during the stopover and if Dylan wasn't already born a Ladies' Man, I'm sure this first little venture imprinted.  There wasn't a lady going in or coming out of the restroom that didn't stop to coo and pet Dylan.

Dylan always loved my blonde girls, Strikie and Scarlett.  They thought he was pretty special too.

We will miss your roars and especially your smiles.

- Royce and Dee Dee

Claire Frisbee

Dylan was the love of my Sydney's life.  I will never forget how, when Rosemary and Jim were at our house during the 2002 Specialty, Sydney showed just how much she loved him.  

Ed and Jim had been in our pool with the dogs, Sydney loved to swim and so did Dylan and Annie.  That's why Rosemary and Jim came to our house, so the dogs could have a swim.  I had been getting dinner ready and brought some finger food out to the deck, telling everyone that dinner would be soon, so they should dry off.  The guys made the dogs get out and then they did, too. 

Then Dylan dropped his ball in the pool.  Both dogs were warned not to go back in the pool. They stood, side by side, on the edge of the deck and tried to reach it, but the ball drifted out of reach.  Sydney looked around, then slipped into the pool, got the ball and pushed it to where Dylan could reach it.  When he had the ball, she climbed out.  We all stood there and stared at her.  I didn't have the heart to scold her.  

Sydney left us just 4 short months ago.  She now has the love of her life with her.  

Tracy Stevens  I remember seeing Dylan at the specialty in Brooksville during the training/behavior seminar.  Dylan demonstrated a cattledog's skill at defending and possessing his crate.  Do you remember?  He was a true sport and a great dog.  
Liz Sharpe

I'm glad I actually got to meet Dylan in person, and see him do his super amazing anti-gravity agility jumping with my own eyes. I *know* I met him in Florida... I *think* I remember being introduced to him at the Frederick, MD Specialty in 1999... but I was very new to ACDs back then and I don't entirely trust my memory not to be wishfully filling in. But he definitely made quite an impression on me in Brookesville.  What huge power he had, physically and in terms of charisma and joie de vivre, too.

Sending you many hugs and sorrowful condolences for the loss of an extraordinary comrade, companion, working partner, and all-around memorable character.

Martine Drauden

He always had a special place in my heart, this little dog with such a great heart and personality. 

Tracy Lorraine Smith

I feel so fortunate to have been there [ACDCA Specialty] and seen Dylan and Rosemary run this course in person!  He was so happy running with both Rosemary and Jim, his grin was ear to ear.  He won more than just the blue ribbon and huge pail of goodies!

Alyson Brown I'm heartbroken to read of Dylan's death.  I've always thought of him and Shiner in the same breath, as we got them at close to the same time, and we shared many of the same challenges.  I sometimes think it's the tough ones, the challenging dogs, who get to us the most after they're gone.  They're such butt-heads while they're with us--challenging us, frustrating us, but ultimately they teach us so much.
Jenni Rich

I wanted to share my fondest memory of him with you-you already know this, but maybe it can bring a smile to you.

I remember him and his "dog issues" at trials- (that Sadie still has btw).  You would have him jump over your leg instead of using the practice jump so as to avoid any altercations.  We started doing that too-great crowd pleaser in addition to good warm-up.

Jennifer Clark

The closest I got to meeting him was at the Greeley specialty.  My (then) boyfriend, red gurl Fiesta, and puppy Speck camped on the grass where there was a soft crate resting quietly under the shade of a tree nearby.  We couldn't see in the crate other than to notice it was occupied.   Every time a dog passed by, the crate would lurch and bark ferociously. 

Judy Burch Dylan always took life on full speed ahead and it seems that was his way at the end too.
Emily Overholser Dylan was such a great fun-loving dog, and he was completely 100% devoted to you.  I'll always remember Dylan for being my red Grace-surrogate during my trips to Dugway. 
Jim Beckley I'm so glad I got to meet Dylan.  He was such a big dog in a little package.
JB Bauersfeld I was shocked and saddened to learn of Dylan's passing.  I know he meant the world to you both, and it's sad that however much time we have with our canine kids, it's never enough.  Hoping that the thoughts and prayers of those close to you will help in this time of sadness.  We are thinking of you here in Kansas.
J.B. Bauersfeld and Pepper